Communication Connection Inc.


Communication Connection, Inc. provides a full range of services for children with speech, language and oral-motor disorders.  These include parent consultations, comprehensive evaluations , scheduled individual therapy sessions, and collaboration with schools, physicians, and other paraprofessionals. Our Speech- Language Pathologists can provide SOS Feeding therapy, The Hanen Program, as well as training using the Visualizing and Verbalizing Program from Lindamood-Bell.

Examples of delays and disorders that we treat are:

 Pragmatic Language Disorders
 Phonological Disorders
Cognitive Communication
Autism Spectrum Disorders 
 Language, Learning, Literacy Disorders
Oral-Motor Disorders
Fluency Disorders/Stuttering 
 Central Auditory Processing Disorders
Hearing Impaired/Post-Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation
Augmentative/Alternative Communication 
Feeding Issues 





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